Awesome Breaded Pork Chops, Fabulous Bike, and life in general

I made really good pork chops yesterday (inspired by something I saw on TV) I finally found out how to bread them correctly. (Or bread anything well for that matter.) I have always had a problem getting breading to go on thick and stick during cooking. The solution is SO simple.

To bread pork chops (or anything else)

* Brine for several hours in water, sugar and salt.
* Take the meat out and very thoroughly dry it (this is super important)
* Once the meat is dry, cover it in egg yolk (I use the low cholesterol stuff from egg beaters and it worked just fine.)
* On a piece of wax paper have a mix of breadcrumbs, some flour, salt, pepper and any other spices that you like and place the meat on there flipping until covered (lightly rub and pat the crumbs in for full coverage.)
* Place on a plate in the fridge for an hour (super important)
* Preheat the olive oil in your pan.
* Cook until golden brown.

I cannot stress how moist and tasty this was and the crumbs never came off. Very cool. I can’t wait to try this with chicken, the bane of my breading existence.)

Oh, a random cooking note, have you ever tried Chinese Hot Pot?  If not you should.  It is amazing!

My new, super awesome bike came in this week and I have taken it for a cruise. It is SO fabulous, but my knee gives me problems when peddling up hills. It still hurts a bit this morning from my ride yesterday.

I introduced Loki to the joy of an empty Coke bottle yesterday. It took about 7 hours to convince him it was not a monster trying to kill him but once he warmed up to the concept he has not put it down since. I actually had to take it away from him last night because I was worried all the chasing and banging was going to drive our downstairs neighbors nuts. The bottle is just a little too big to fit in his mouth so it is constantly popping out of his grasp and rattling off to the other side of the room. Hours of fun with no tossing required from his people. I think it is now his version of banging pots and pans together. So very loud. I put a few treats in it today and I think he actually lost his mind for a while.

I am having a hard time training him as nothing, not even food keeps his attention on you for more than a second, but holy hell the dog training world is pretentious. You would think these people were curing cancer for the way they talk and what they charge. Still doing research on where to take him but it is very frustrating. I am motivated though, memory of the failings of Sparky (failings in training him) have me pretty determined to do it right this time. For some reason I am the exact opposite of everyone else in the world. I have no problem training manners, but can’t train for a command to save my life. Loki is already polite and calm and does not go anywhere in the house that I have designated off limits and understands what I do and do not want him to chew and play with. He calms down quickly when I am done playing and is learning to walk well on the leash…all of these things I can teach…but I can’t get him to sit when I ask…sheesh, that is the easy part for everyone else. So I think it is time to admit I need help.

We have recovered a little bit from the stress of being gone and coming back home to a tense situation at work for James. Things seem to have settled down into general civility, the most we could have hoped for. James is a little less stressed now that he is back to working and producing results. I was hoping to be getting a lot more done these days but Loki has been taking a lot of my time (how can something so small consume this much food and water and pass it through so quickly) and the chemistry book I wanted to use is on back order. I have been working on eating better and getting more exercise in…still have about 30 pounds to lose and none of it seems to be going anywhere. I have been feeling pretty lazy recently but between stress and sickness just haven’t been able to motivate myself to get much done. Working on this.

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