Bead braclet for a friend’s brthday

This is the bead bracelet that I made for my friend’s birthday. She was kind enough to model it for posterity. Not very difficult to make. I just got an embroidery loop and started making up a design given the beads that I had on hand. When I liked the finished product I took the fabric out of the loop and cut out the shape (leaving edges to fold over and sew down so the fabric would not fray. To clean up the back I sewed a piece of rectangular fabric over the back and the end result is very pretty and sturdy. Best of all she liked it…I always get a little worried when I make gifts that other people will find them tacky.

I had to throw this up here. The COOLEST bathroom sign ever. Period.  Look in the top right corner.

My friend travels all around the world for her job and hunting through her home for treasure is always fun. This might be my favorite. This is an ostrich egg from Jordan that has been painted in tiny dots. The pictures do not do it enough credit. This might be one of my favorite portible art pieces ever. I could look at the details for hours. Enjoy.


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