How does one fit it all in one day, or even one lifetime?

I have all the time anyone could ask for and I still feel like there is not enough hours in the day.

James found out that I adore antique books and he combined that with my insatiable love for all things historical and bought me several antique books on British history, American history and an Encyclopedia of Ancient Cultures of the World. He could not have picked better Christmas gifts!  But here we are, a year later, and I have not had a chance to finish any of them.

In large part this is because I was working for half of this year and lived in Maryland for another three months, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that these are not casual reading books.  These are very “fact” heavy, clunky narrative books that I am making sure I read carefully to get the correct context.  (I don’t want anything from the late 1800’s wiggling it’s way into my brain as “facts”; they saw life through a very different lens back then.) What I want is to see the world through that different set of eyes, from another point of view and understand our history and decisions a little better because of this.

I find myself wanting more when I can’t handle the load already in front of me.  I am restricted to books from the 1800’s or later for the simple reason that scholarly books were not printed in English before this.  And, well, English is all I know.  To remedy this I am trying to learn Latin, French and German so I can read history books from farther back.  Let’s be clear here, I am pretty bright, but languages have never been my strong suit.  I can pick up vocabulary like a champ, but the rules of languages (even English) elude my grasp.

I just feel like there is never enough time.

All I want is immortality…is that too much to ask?


One Comment on “How does one fit it all in one day, or even one lifetime?”

  1. futuregirl says:

    The cover of the “Historical Wonderbook” is amazing! Such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. 🙂 You’re a lucky girl.

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