Hopefully this will be the first of many posts. I am trying to do a better job of documenting the things I do and make in the hopes that 1) I will be able to remember how to repeat the creation 2) I will be able to show others how to do something fun, tasty or useful, and 3) I am crap about calling, emailing or in any other way keeping in contact with the people that I love, hopefully this will help you stay in the loop in my life. I may not call or write often but I do think of the friends that I have made in every city and please know you are loved more than my meager communications would seem to convey.

I am pretty happy. My husband and I figured out how I could stop working before I was thirty, even though we are living on a grad school stipend in Boston. With luck we will be able to keep this going for as long as I want. I never really had a dream career, not since I found out at age six that being a paleontologist did not actually mean that I was going to find a dinosaur in the ground that looked like the book pictures that I loved. Around 11 I discovered that no matter how good you are at history, there really isn’t any money in it. And I made it two full years into a fine arts degree before I discovered a pre-req. is hating corporate America, painting poorly and not wearing shoes. Well I am perfectly fine with corporations, I don’t enjoy art without a solid technical background and love wearing shoes, soooo that was a no go. Then I discovered that what I really love is learning, just for the shear joy of it. I will try to include here what I have learned and how we maintain this life. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what else I could do or anything you want to know. Enjoy the blog and I wish you all the happiness that a life well lived can bring.

First-things-first…Every tree along my T-ride (the public transportation in Boston) now has blooms so it is fire escape gardening time again 🙂 The only issue this year is that I bought my plants and then found out that from now until my husband graduates we are going to have to spend 3 months in Maryland every summer. Plants have a hard time living for three months without water. So here’s to hoping that I can convince a neighbor to water my plants while I am away. Sigh, I am going to have to miss them for the whole summer. By the time I get back it will be almost time to bring them in again (at which point they all promptly die.) Ah well, I will get to enjoy them for about a month at least.


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