The Best Way to Cook Fish Sticks

OK, I am going to come out of the closet on this – I love fish sticks.  There, I said it.  I didn’t mean to like them…it started as a matter of necessity.

We have been living the college lifestyle for almost ten years now and somewhere along the way things went from “It’s all I can afford” to “Ooh, fish sticks!” So there, my dirty little secret is out.  I, a full grown adult, get excited about processed breaded fish stuff.

I feel better now.

Given that I have proclaimed my love, I can now admit that I have done lots of experimentation to get the perfect fish stick.  I want them to be crispy and brown on each side and I want them with all the breading attached, nothing left on the pan.  This is the best solution that I have found.  By the way, this is also great for fries, tater tots, and potato crowns as well (which just so happen to go amazingly with fish sticks.)

I have two cookie cooling trays (just the little square cheapy metal ones), I use one of them to elevate food off of the cooking surface and voila, nothing sticks.  This makes sure that all sides get cooked as hot air can get under the food.  Grease has somewhere to drip off, leaving the outside super crispy and if you plan ahead (clearly I forgot to here) you can put a piece of tin foil underneath and your pan stays clean.

This trick also helps if, like me, you sometimes walk away from the oven start watching TV and realize with the ding of the oven timer that no, you did not remember to get up and flip the item after 15 minutes like the directions said you should.  No sweat, chances are they cooked just fine.

So go ahead, eat fish sticks and be proud.  Just don’t forget the tater tots for the full effect of a five year old’s joy.

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One Comment on “The Best Way to Cook Fish Sticks”

  1. Sogliola says:

    great simplicity

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