What a 6th wedding anniversary looks like in real life, and bead expo haul.

I have never been good at remembering special events.   I got the date of my first wedding anniversary wrong (I still haven’t lived that one down), I however, did manage to get the date of the 6th one correct.  We just aren’t much good at celebrating.

So here is a run down of my 6th anniversary day:

  • 3am – drunk idiots across street fight for three hours / Loki poops in kitchen / Nikki wakes up, never to fall back asleep – proceeds to zombie through the rest of the day.
  • 6am – Loki goes for morning walk
  • 8am  – James goes to work on Sunday, as he covered watching dog for me on Sat. (his normal work day) so I could go to beading expo, now THAT is love!
  • 9am – wait with dog for 1st bus in 40 degree weather and then wait in cold for 2nd bus
  • 10:15 – board 2nd bus and then wait in cold until puppy class opens at 11am. (The buses only run once an hour on Sundays…oh joy.)
  • 12pm puppy class ends, wait until 12:55 in cold for 1st bus to take us back. (Simply reverse previous directions to head home.)
  • Get home at 2:20 pm from a ONE HOUR PUPPY CLASS, sigh. (Still totally worth it to have a dog who listens more than 50% of the time.)
  • 3pm – blog a bit, then work on some beading to sell before Christmas
  • 5pm – James gets home
  • Eat Bluestone’s bacon pizza. After 6 years we can admit we like pizza in pajamas as much as a fancy dinner, can’t we?
  • Go over some chemistry stuff that has been confusing me (uh, all of it.)
  • Watch Fox’s Sunday night animation lineup…go to bed.

So maybe this won’t be the most romantic year, but hey we have been spending too much money lately…and why spend money on food when you can buy BEADS!!!!!  Check out my haul from this weekend.  So excited!I have already started sketching out some ideas for things to make from my new supplies. And I have learned from my first attempt to be much less grandiose.  If I am ever going to try and sell anything, I have GOT to be able to think smaller and work faster.  There are only so many buyers out there in the world with both the money and the taste for the big pieces, but the market is much better when both the size and the price come back to earth.

So all things considered, not a shabby anniversary.  Great husband, great dog, neat hobby, warm home, pizza…lots of people in the world would kill for it…never knock a simple day.  Maybe I should plan something special for ten years…nah, I will most likely forget it.


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