Recent handmade projects ready to be posted on Etsy in time for Christmas!

I finally finished enough projects to get an Etsy store up and running. Here is the link to the store:

Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to earmark for you.  I would be happy to sell directly to anyone I know before I post these for the whole world to have a crack at them.  I will be charging $5 for shipping anywhere in the US and they will have insurance. (Keeping it simple.)

This necklace was almost the death of me…but is done and I mean, just look at it…wow! I made that, nuts!  There was no pattern, I was just inventing as I went along based on a fabric that I had and a memory of an Indian girl’s wedding outfit that I saw in Rome six years ago when James and I were blessed by the Pope during our honeymoon.  (Her wedding clothes were so stunning that I still think of them 6 years later, you go girl!)  I really hope this sells, but I do not think I will do anything like this to sell again.  The time needed just cannot be recouped in the money.  I am going to charge $900.  But I really should be charging about $3000, I just don’t think anyone will pay that; but that more accurately reflects the time that it took.

I love this set. I was playing with asymmetry during this phase and was REALLY into green.

This is a long necklace that is doubled up in this picture as that is how I think it looks best, but you could wear it as a single strand.  The beads are large but they are very light.  This actually looks very good with a business suit.

I have to honest.  I love this hat! When I bought it and decorated it, and I never planned to sell it.  But it was warm and I did not have a reason to wear it for more than two seconds in the store or at home.  So now that it is cold and I tried to wear it for more than two seconds I remembered again that I am a six foot girl and have all of the problems that a six foot girl has…including a big head.  Damn.  It fits, but it is just the teeniest bit tight near my ears, and this means I will never wear it.  I might as well give someone else a chance to love it.  It looks AWESOME with a black wool coat, instant glamor girl.

I will have to look up what this stone is again but it has a bit of a shimmer to it. If you know leave me a comment.  This set is not flashy, but it really does go well with work clothing.  I realized that I was heading down a very flashy path for a while and I needed to pull back and make jewelry that people could wear more than once a week if they wanted.

These are fun little earrings, they are made out of different spacers.  Cool.

These last two necklaces are just the fun, wear them whenever types.  Easy on the eyes, and they are going to be easy on the wallet as well (I take into account if I could watch TV while making my projects, if I can multitask, the price goes down.) 🙂


3 Comments on “Recent handmade projects ready to be posted on Etsy in time for Christmas!”

  1. Amy says:

    Ok, I love it all, but I especially LOVE the hat. I either need to commision you to make me a fancy hat to match my jacket/personality or I need to get a coat to match this hat or you need to teach me how to do this myself?!!!!

  2. Micha says:

    The first necklace is GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, I don’t have that much spare cash lying around…
    What’s your Etsy shop named?

  3. Nikki Wright says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I don’t expect that necklace will move quickly. I was making it for me originally so keeping it reasonable was not an object. But I would only wear it maybe once or twice a year and I needed to stop talking about going into business and just jump in. This is as good a time as any.

    My Esty shop is currently under construction but it is at I just have to decide if I will be creating my own paypal or using James’. And I need him to get home to I can get shots of the necklaces being worn, some just look funny when they are hanging flat. It doesn’t do them justice.

    The next round of projects will be MUCH, MUCH more reasonable; both in terms of time needed to create them and purchase price. My goal is to make good quality unique pieces and keep price points under $350. I think that will help in people being able to purchase them quicker.

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