Day Two of Making the Peacock Necklace


The first thing that I did was take a look at all of my beads and see what the best combo was for the pattern.  I choose a red band with a green bead center, light gold scalloping and a blue-green outside.  To the left is the iridescent red sewn on.

scallopingThen I tried to sew on the scalloping as even as possible, leaving a little extra room at the bottom for the tassel and the top for the fastening.  At this point I was almost ready to cut the fabric out and apply the backing, but I didn’t feel like working around all the tiny scallops (I have made that mistake in the past.) So to even the pattern out a bit I added my blue-green beads into the edges to compete the teardrop shape again.dsc01760dsc01765 Once this was filled in I cut out the pattern and sewed the back down.  As daylight savings time has made daylight end at 4pm I stopped here today.  I don’t do so well beading under artificial light, but tomorrow I should be able to finish this project.

Alright boys and girls, I am off to watch Bones.  Happy crafting 🙂

Follow up: Oooooohhhhh….there will be a slight delay on finishing this tutorial as I have a commision! Yippy!  It is not huge but it will give me enough to purchase some yarn and try to get some knitted things up on Esty.  I am always looking for the thing that works.  How exciting to try a new angle! Wish me luck folks.


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