Commissioned Piece, and an Afternoon Visitor

There will be better pictures up tomorrow when the light is better, but I was pretty excited to see that this turned out really pretty.  So here is a sneak peak.necklace detailsetThere is a necklace and two different sets of earrings to match. When the piece was commissioned, earthy colors, specifically, brown, green and gold were requested. It was also requested the the jewelry be light and the earrings be short.  I would definitely wear this set all the time if it were mine. It feels gorgeous on; this light does the colors no justice at all.

But hey, super neat – while I was making the jewelry the window was open and guess who landed right outside.hawk

Awesome, but then I realized that my small door sized window was completely open and I started to wonder just much he could carry away.  Loki is 21 pounds, I guess that is big enough to be safe; but can you imagine trying to get this guy out of the house if it flew in. when I stood up to get a better picture he flew away.  We were only about 5 feet apart.  Cool.

I think he is living in the park out side our apartment for the time being.  I love giant birds.


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