Day Three of the Peacock Necklace; It is Done Folks!

I finally got around to finishing this necklace, sorry for the delay in posting. I just got busy and had a, “I don’t want to sit at the computer” week. It happens sometimes.finished necklace

So there are several things that I have done since the last post:

  1. Applied a backing.
  2. Edged the piece to give it back the scalloped look.
  3. Made a bead tassel.
  4. Made loops to attach piece to necklace.
  5. Made a necklace.
  6. Made a clasp.

1. The nature of this piece made it a bit hollow in the back.  I had to build up a lot of protection around the plastic peacock to be sure it wouldn’t pop out.  However, my design required that everything stay nice and flat to look nice.  So the thinking cap went on, and as I reached for a piece of gum, the answer came to me – super thin cardboard.  I cut a shape out of my Trident pack and use that to support the back.  In a pinch it is thin enough to get a needle through when I need to  but it is sturdy enough to hold the shape. So I glued that down and sewed my felt backing on over top.

2. Once the backing was on I edged the piece with the blue-green beads to give it the scalloped look again and clean up the backing seam.necklace detail

3. I am still up in the air about this tassel.  I am not sure if it adds to the piece or takes away from it.  I made a peyote stitch circle of gold beads and covered a larger bead with it and cinched the top and bottom tight. (This was an experiment in a new way to cover beads, I give it an “eh” for success. I wasn’t thrilled but I wasn’t so unhappy that I took it apart.)

Then I repeated a simple pattern of beads alternating going through just two center beads over and over. The tassel started off looking like a star.  To avoid tying many knots I just looped around the last red bead in each strand and went back up through the row to the center and then started a new row.  When I made six little strands I squished them together and very tightly wrapped my thread around the top of the group and tied a simple knot.  Without cutting the string I then looped under the center of the tassel and pushed my needle right up through the middle of it out the top, though the two spacer beads and attached the whole thing to the piece.

I just sort of made this up as I went along, but I am sure if you just Google “how to make a bead tassel” a million things will pop up.  There are bound to be tons of instructions out there for you if you need more detail.

4. I knew I wanted something very simple at the top to attach the necklace so I made a simple loop of beads tied it off, and repeated two more times.  So I ended up with three bead loops coming off the top of the necklace waiting for a chain to be run through them.

5. This piece is so detailed I thought that the necklace should be really simple.  The only thing I knew I wanted it to have was a way to prevent the clasp from sliding around to the front so I put two larger “stopper beads” on either side of the loop.  This makes sure that everything stays put without having to lock it down.  If you wanted to take the bead neckalce out and put in a gold necklace for an evening you still can.  Nice.

6. The clasp is just a simple toggle and loop made from a peyote stitch tube and a loop.

There you go folks.  You know all of my secrets now.  How I get from point A to point Z, and the ways that I fudge stuff in between.  Please let me know if this has been something that you would like to see more of.

My first instinct during the process is that it has not gone over well.  My readership has been dropping pretty quickly these past couple weeks, and no one is leaving comments.  So I leave it in your hands.  If you want more of this let me know.  If not I will go back to what I was doing before.

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One Comment on “Day Three of the Peacock Necklace; It is Done Folks!”

  1. futuregirl says:

    This necklace is beautiful!

    You know, readers come and go. My advice is to write about the things you want to write about. 🙂 It’s your blog, after all.

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