Pseudo Productive Day, and a Skill I Can Barter With

necklace design I got a fair amount of a new necklace design done today.  I just have some more filling in to do and the back to put on.  But the light was failing and it was starting to hurt my eyes.  I will need to invest in a better lamp to make it through the winter with more than 4 hours of usable light up here.  It is so cloudy during the winter even daytime is useless some days.

I was thinking that this is going to make a pretty cool asymmetrical necklace.  Maybe have two connection points at the tip of the top two white and pink stones and one near the round green stone.  That should be lovely.  I am not sure what I am going to do for the necklace yet, but it will come to me.  And since this one has come along so quickly I can price it fairly cheaply.  I think I am getting better at learning when a design will take forever and a day to make and when it will just flow.

I am helping a friend do a MASSIVE home cleaning and reorganization this Saturday, and I am going to inherit a very ugly but very back supportive reclining chair.  I will have to cover it; it will cost more than I want to spend to get fabric.  But I get to test it for a week before we leave town for Thanksgiving and have a car for a week, so I will know if it is worth covering or if I should throw it out before I invest in fabric.

My back has been giving me problems as I do not fit well in any furniture.  And no matter how hard I try I hunch when I bead.  Combine hunching with legs that are too long, seats that are too short, and you get awful back pain.  This ugly chair seamed to fit me well; here’s to hoping.  And it should make a great tutorial on how to make a simple no-sew chair cover.

awesomeawesome againThe friend that I am going to help is the ultimate crafting pack-rat.  She has never found a craft item that can’t be used in the future and therefore should not be thrown or given away.  Which is fine if you have the room.  To be blunt – she does not.  Whenever I say I need to go buy something, she quickly tells me not to, she already has it and would be happy to barter something in exchange.  This is exactly as I like to live my life, the problem is I have nothing she needs.  The girl is like a squirrel, she has stashed everything possible away she has ever touched.  But then it hit us.  I do have something to barter, my organizational skills and ability to budget.  I can help restore order to her life and living space.  What is the point in having every crafting supply known to man if there is not an inch in your home to craft and you can’t find what you need when you need it?  Why buy something you already have 12 of because you feel you “might” need it some day and worry about money?  I am good at removing emotions from items, and getting down to the core of why it is still in the house.  So that is what I will be doing all Saturday.

Because I will be giving her my whole day I do not feel as guilty as I did originally when I went to her home with ten dollars to take some unwanted yarn off her hands and came away with this stash.yarn haul

I don’t love every single color but hey, for 10 bucks I am jumping for joy!  Yea, there is some wool in there, that’s right.  She also gave me the cool tin that is pictured.  And to her credit, my ten went right into her yarn savings tin. This will keep me going at my knitting group through the rest of the winter without having to step foot into a store and be tempted by anything.  Awesome.

So what about you folks, how to do control your crafts from taking over your world?  If you are a pack-rat, how do you try and whittle it down? I have moved a lot.  I had to learn how to part with all non essential items because no casual emotional attachment to an object survives many trips being carried up and down four flights of stairs or across several states.


4 Comments on “Pseudo Productive Day, and a Skill I Can Barter With”

  1. stephlynn713 says:

    As for the chair, I used sheets I got on sale as covers, yea they were solid colors and not very exciting, but it was cheaper than buying fabric, they also make very easy and cheap curtains. Ollies, a bargain store in PA and I think they are elsewhere, sells sheets for 99 cents. I have some lovely curtains from the 99 cent sheets and ribbon remnants from AC Moore.

  2. Nikki Wright says:

    That is not a bad idea. I was considering something very similar…I just wasn’t sure if it would show dirt faster. I guess I could crochet arm covers though. That should keep the chair looking nice longer.

  3. stephlynn713 says:

    the good thing with sheets is that you can easily throw them in the wash.

  4. Nikki Wright says:

    This is a reclining chair so there are moving parts, which make slip covers a little difficult. This sheet will be very firmly attached to the chair. So no taking it off and washing. I should have pictures of it coming on Saturday and you will see. Oh, yes, you will see…

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