Yipes! the car is almost here.


I am having heart palpitations! James just told me that the Smart car we were not supposed to get until next November (what we were told when we put our name on the waiting list in July) is now going to be delivered sometime in the next two months.  Ugh.  Do these people have no respect for budgeting and planning.  So I will have my micro-machine car in a like a minute or two at this rate.  Sneak preview, here is my future baby.


We went to the dealership to see the cars  in real life for the first time.  The seats and headroom are huge.  The engine is behind you so there is actually lots of leg room.  And they put the seats up really high so you don’t sit down into the car you just sort of step in, which is nice.  The coolest part for me was the fact that all of the body panels are snap-on and are interchangeable.  This means that if I want a new color, I just purchase a new set of panels for about $800 and presto! New car body.  What this REALLY means is that no matter how many people jack my car up with their inability to parallel park in Boston, when I leave I can replace just those body panels.  No fixing dents or matching paint, just swap them out.  Easy-peazy.

So what if there is not a lot of room for stuff, it will move two people and a dog and I can park it damn near anywhere.  And I feel a heck of a lot safer in this than on a scooter (for almost the same price.)

If you wan to get on a waiting list check out their site.  It only requires $99 down.


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