Never Doubt The Power of a Good Picture in a Blog

I cannot stress enough what a good picture does for a blog.  I know when I am surfing around sites I almost ignore the posts that do not have pictures and I turn up my nose when the pictures stink.

I am guilty here of having some crap pictures now and then.  I have those energy saver bulbs, great for mother earth, awful for blogging photos!  Luckily there are two very important things that you can do to fix this.  First, adjust your camera’s white balance every time you shoot for your blog.  Thanks Amber for teaching me how to do this on my camera! It has made all the difference. (Read your instruction manual, it’s in there, I promise.  I just did not know what the problem causing the yellow was.)  Second, get or build a light box.  You can do this on your own for as little as $10 bucks (stretching it) or you can buy a set for $50 that comes with everything.

I have some samples below.  If you click on the image that you like it will link you over to the site that gives instructions or sells the item.

Homemade light boxhomemade light boxIf you choose to make your own set I would recommend that you go to a photography store for the light bulbs and ask for some help getting the correct ones.  There are a lot of choices out there for pure white light bulbs and they can get pretty pricey.  They can also be very dangerous near children and flammable material as they can get very hot, so just be careful.

portable_photo_studioJames bought me a premade studio from Think-Geek for my birthday. I like it as it comes with everything that I need and can be folded up and stored away. This is a must in my tiny place. The only thing I don’t love is the collapsible cube. I think I could build a box myself which would work better, but then I would have to store it somewhere. For now I think I am going to buy a long sheet of white vellum and run it from the top-back to the front, under the item to hide the edge of the cube that I can always see in the photos.

And ladies, check out Think-Geek for your holiday shopping (after my Etsy store of course.) 🙂  They have everything.  I have yet to meet a guy who wasn’t at least 50% geek.  Think-Geek has products for every type of dork in pretty reasonable price ranges so dive right in, he will thank you. As will some of the geekier ladies out there.

Ooh, my free business cards came in today, they are lovely! I can now network in the real world and not feel like a bum when I approach business owners.  Awesome.  If you want free business cards yourself, check out my previous post for the link.


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