What Christmas is all about

snow treesWe drove to the family Christmas in upstate New York this past Friday during the snow storm.  The trip should have only taken four hours, we were excited because we made it more than half way before it even started snowing,  but then the snow came – and we sat at the Connecticut/New York border for almost three hours without moving.  I had to pee, I was grumpy…sorry to everyone else in the car for all the times I snapped at them.  I had to pee really bad though; for more than four hours.

It was completely worth it to spend so many hours in a car with my family.  Without that time I would never have heard such gems as this conversation:

“You know anyone can perform a baptism…it doesn’t have to be a priest.”

“I think we even some have holy water at home.”

“Make sure it hasn’t gone bad…”


“The holy water, make sure it hasn’t gone bad – water can go bad you know.”

“You don’t imbibe it!”

“Well…I just don’t want anyone to get sick.  How would you know if it had gone bad?”

“Holy water does NOT go BAD!”



And in another conversation after making fun of someone for misunderstanding a secondary meaning of a common word:

“I think I only know the first word of every definition.” (Clearly she meant the first meaning of each word.)

“You mean like noun, verb, adverb…just the first word listed in the dictionary in the word’s meaning?”

“Umm, what?”

“Like you don’t know what anyone is talking about but you are pretty sure they are using the word in the wrong place in the sentence?  Good thing we speak English, otherwise you would only know the gender of the word they were saying.”

“Uhhh, I guess…No, that is not what I meant at all.”

“Good, because you would just look like a crazy person running around informing people their word was an adverb.”



Awesome, just fantastic.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  My family has conversations like this.  I have nine more hours of these beauties rolling around in my head now.  And now I have a new conversation closer; whenever someone walks into a room and James and I don’t feel like speaking to them the old stand by used to be, “And that’s how a bill becomes a law” and everyone just walks away.  But now we have, “And that’s how you know when Holy water has gone bad.”  Perfect.

In all seriousness, this was a very nice family gathering.  Almost everyone made it, and I got to meet new people.  Two of my cousins got married since I last saw them and I met their spouses for the first time, they were lovely.  It is always nice when people fold into a family with no friction.  I felt like I had known these two people all my life.  Erin and her husband Kevin are expecting their first child in a month and a half.  That is going to be a lucky little boy, he has some super cool parents.  My cousin Erin has just moved back from Germany and has a two pretty neat blogs that I am working my way though.  I put links to them in my blogroll under “family.”

So here is the Bennett Family Christmas 2008 in our full glory.  I would like to let everyone know that I am thankful that they are in my life, thankful that they are happy and healthy, thankful that you have all made my husband feel welcome into the family.  And as soon as we get the car and the roads are better James and I will be doing more weekend trips.  I love you all.

Bennett Family 2008Merry Christmas everyone.

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One Comment on “What Christmas is all about”

  1. bookbabie says:

    Ahh, yes family and holidays, it’s what makes the world go round. Have a happy holiday season Nikki, enjoyed your blog today!

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