The Beast is Revealed…The squeamish should look away.

I have one New Year’s resolution, just one.  Finish this blanket before I die.

For those I you who have not read every post or don’t know me, you may not be know that I was not completely aware of how crochet worked when I picked up my first project ever.  Did I use a pattern?  No, no, that would have made too much sense for a newbie.  For some reason in my mind the initial row was going to shrink as I added stitches.  Let me give you a big clue – it does not.

My mother made all of us an afghan when we left home for college.  A beautiful tradition, and a blanket I treasure…and never use.  She made it using an octagon granny square pattern and my toes poke through.  So Nikki put her thinkin’ cap on and said “I can do this.  I’ll just make a blanket with no holes.  And while I’m at it, I’ll make a blanket for giant people so James and I will never have to fight over whose feet get covered while watching TV.  Brilliant!  They’ll throw me parades.  Martha Stewart will feature me on her show…why has no one every thought to crochet a giant blanket with no holes before?!”

Ah, I know why, Behold – the Beast.

giant blanketKeep in mind as you view this photo, I am six feet tall.  It takes me two hours to do just one row.  Not that I am complaining.  It is great to have something I don’t have to think about to do when I go to my weekly knitting group.  I honestly can’t talk and count at the same time.

Ready for the complicated pattern, brace yourself:

  • Make starting chain of desired length (try to be a little more reasonable than I was)
  • Double Stitch (here is a great tutorial)
  • Keep going with that color until your skein is gone, then switch to a new color.
  • Continue forever 🙂 Or at least until the yarn I bought is gone.

using shoe holder for yarn storagebetter image for color

Seriously though, this is going to be a blanket my grandchildren will fight over.  James is constantly asking when it is going to be done so he can use it.  It is beautiful.  I just can’t believe I had the temerity to think I could make something this big for my first project.

I did one other thing correctly, out of pure instinct.   I bought all of my yarn at once, good job Nikki!  The pictures above show the color of this blanket better. I also found a great way to store yarn. (Did I mention I live in a tiny apartment where storage space is at a premium?)  I bought a hanging shoe rack on super sale, and I keep my yarn for this project there.

So what are the crafting New Year goals for the rest of the internet world?

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3 Comments on “The Beast is Revealed…The squeamish should look away.”

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow that is awesome! I love the colors you chose too.

  2. Annie says:

    Wowza! This looks like a project I would start and never finish. But I love the colors, and it really is going to be great when you finish. I gave up rolling my skeins into balls unless they are crazy tangly skeins… You must have more patience than I! -Annie

  3. Ute says:

    Hi Nikki

    I just discovered your site … with interest I read about your beast and wanted to see it because I too have a beast that is getting out of hand only worse….,
    but now I dont feel so bad any more so let me introduce you to my growing Fuzzels-blanky beast ,

    I have a 8 foot round bed and and no cicular spread for it, easy I say full of confidence and get out my crochet hook ,
    I started last winter and it is getting quite intimidating since it is getting hard to handle by weight and size and it is only half grown I think……..
    no pattern just increasing stitches once in a while working in cicles useing jade colored eyelash yarn, by now it is one ball for one round in dbl crochet,
    so now Fuzzles is resting in wait in a big basket wondering whats mom going to do with me ……..?

    After reading about your adventure I feel a surge of new confidence….thank you Nikki

    lot`s of love to you from Ute in California

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