Zombie Plan, 2009

managable swordAlright, the calendar has rolled over again and the news stations are going to start up with the special interest stories of what you can do to protect yourself in the upcoming year. Should we all exercise, diversify our money, and take night classes to have additional job skills, yes of course.  Aaaaannd have your zombie escape plan in place.  They fail to mention this every year.  Tragic.

As you can see we have our highly functional sword within handy reach in case of zombie emergency.  This of course has nothing to do with the fact that I worked at a Renaissance fair for several years and James and I made a deal that each year I could have one thing and the next year he could have one thing.  There is most certainly NOT an awesome necklace hidden in my room that I am not showing you.

Just remember leave the cities, stay away from hospitals and grocery stores, you have to reload a gun, you never have to reload a sword, and for God’s sake people, don’t trip.  Pick your feet up when you run.

So if you see a scientist dude with a pipette and a sword and a chick with some beads and yarn high-steppin’ out of Boston with a little black dog on a leash.  Run.  Remember we don’t have to outrun all the zombies, just you.

Happy 2009 everyone!

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3 Comments on “Zombie Plan, 2009”

  1. Christie Cali says:

    Nice… It is amazing the many doomsday scenarios that will be explored. The “you had better”…. or the “If you don’t ….then you will….” Good luck and many blessings in your new year.

  2. ketutar says:

    Happy new year to you too 🙂
    Yes, the zombie danger has been ignored too often and too widely. Almost no-one cares about the zombies. Thank G-d we know President Bush 🙂

    He will protect the country. 🙂
    But isn’t that sword a little high? It looks like it’s not very easy to crap when the zombie rings the doorbell… By the door, great, but…
    I’m also really envious about your door decoration 😉

  3. Nikki Wright says:

    We are tall people and it is within easy reach for us. We can’t have the random kiddies who visit taking a swing at anyone 🙂 I find one can never be too prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, but safety first, always.

    Thanks, I love that poster. I actually picked it up at the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It has taken a beating over the years but it is still holding together alright.

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