Must learn to pace myself

sanctuary_topWe don’t have cable.  I have never been able to justify the cost.  I know, to most people it is like not having air, or electricity, or running water.  How to we accomplishing this feat of stone-age living?  We have the Internet and Netflix.  I actually can’t deal with watching shows week to week any more.  In my mind TV shows are now one very, very long movie.  I simply allow a series to play out over several years and then I watch it all within a week or two and it becomes my whole world for that time.

So I broke my internal rules to watch the first couple episodes of Sanctuary after one of my friends raved about it and offered to burn them for me.  I knew I shouldn’t.  It would only create a wild urge to watch more. And yes it did.  THIS SHOW ROCKS! Henry is my new favorite character on TV.  But I am out of shows to watch and actually have to wait for them to make more! Ugh, why! Damn it. Stupid not fully done show making me wait…this is unacceptable.

Great lines to hold me over:

“Do you have a motive yet?”

“Yeah, find the killer and close the case.”

“Are you cold?”

“Depends on who you talk to”

“Nature abhors a vacuum, but that is only because she hasn’t seen mine!” (clicks on large ridiculous vacuum built to suck up little monsters.  Never used in episode, built only for that line.)

This show has great stuff.  Watch it folks, it is worth it.


Money saving tip:

$100 a month is $1200 a year for the right to watch TV, let that rattle around in your brain for a minute and you will understand why my Netflix list is over 400 items long.  Just so you know if you have a 3 disk at a time Netflix plan you can watch unlimited hours of TV and movies over the Internet without downloading anything.  And all the broadcast networks put their shows online as soon as they air.


I know I have been lax recently on posting about crafting.  I am sorry.  It has been a weird couple of weeks.  James has transitioned into a new lab, and because of the timing (finals and holidays) he has been home for two weeks.  I just can’t seem to get anything done when he is around.   It is like he figured out the secret to perpetual motion years ago.  Nothing near him ever sits still.  I don’t see him actually move anything, so I don’t know how he does it,  but everything is moving, always.  Long exposure to noise and motion makes me antsy so I run away.  I spend my days writing in the bedroom and he has been reading up on his new field in the living room. (He is now studying neural biochemistry which makes me feel behind the bell curve already.  I am going have to pull something spectacular out of my life to catch up with that.)  I only come out at night, it is a lot like coming home from work, or being a vampire – take your pick.  The good news is I got to take a two week sabbatical from caring for the dog and I have finished over 120 pages of my book.  Even better news, he goes back to work on Monday.  I love him dearly…but I am an introvert.  Nikki needs her space back.

So when the projects begin again they will begin with a vengence.  I have a ton of things I need to make to sell at a con later this month and I bought stuff for several projects when I went to Salem this weekend.  Now if I can just tear myself away from writing long enough to do any of this…


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