Website of The Week

I am going to try and highlight websites that I love each week.  If I think a site has really good content (relevant to what I write about), is diligent with posting and is something that I would like to visit over and over, I will give them a shout out in this weekly list.  If you ever have a site you think might be worth visiting I have an email listed in my “Contact Me” section.  Please send me the link and I will check it out.
I am also firm believer in networking, everyone should support their friends in their endeavors.  In that spirit let me introduce you to one of the best artists that I have ever worked with, Cheri Prill. cheriI was going to pretend I could take any credit for Cheri’s photographic brilliance, but I can’t.  I used to take pictures for her when I lived in Florida.

She breeds, trains and rides Paso Fino horses.  She is also a ridiculously gifted artist.  She now runs a equine art and photography business.  I don’t care if you are into horses or not you have to check out her site.  Her work is amazing, and what the heck, I was her first photographer…I am going to say I taught her everything she knows.  The image I have above is NOT one of her images, it is simply a picture of her riding one of her horses.  I couldn’t list her work here as it is all under copyright, but either click on the image or on this link to check out her page.

Way to go Cheri, your work is wonderful!

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