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Sorry for the delay in posting.  I was getting things ready for a convention and had an all around busy week.  I don’t know my final sales total yet, as I wasn’t there.  I sent things with someone else who purchased a vendor space, but I was told mid way though I was doing well.  Yippy.

This upcoming week should be just as busy.  Dad is coming up for a visit and I think he is ready to see Boston in all of its winter glory. (Several feet of fluffy snow yesterday.)  It’s his first visit since he has fully healed from a knee replacement and I think we are going to be go, go, going everywhere.  There might not be a lot of posting.

Anywho, the website this week is one of my knitting crafting buddies who has a great eye for super cuteness.bowling-cupcakesShe made these awesome cupcakes for a bowling birthday party for a friend and last week she gave me an awesome cupcake book of my owncupcake.  I can’t wait to try them.  Check out her blog at The Knotty Professor.  Felt cuteness galore!


One Comment on “Website of the Week”

  1. optimatordave says:

    Hey Nikki, did I say thank you for linking to us? That’s so nice of you! 🙂

    at Rings & Things

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