Steampunk, it’s what in.

steamtopHummm, you learn something new every day.  The general science/fantasy con that I sent goods to be sold at this past weekend was all Steampunk this year.

I had know about the style for years, I love the general look of it.  This has been invading movies and graphic novels for a very long time, but I didn’t know it was a “lifestyle” genre out there.  Forget the cyberpunk of the 80’s and early 90’s and being emo and goth is sooo early 2000.  All the kids these days are apparently Steampunk now.  Look it up it’s a real thing.

steampunkThink movies like League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Van Helsing, Hellboy, Golden Compass, etc.  All of those cool set/prop pieces and the Victorian clothing is totally in now.  I guess the goth kids got tired of looking ugly in nothing but black but didn’t want to give up the corsets and leather.  So they switched over to pseudo Victorian/Edwardian styles.

So for all of you crafters and jewelry makers out there who do make goods for sale, be aware that the trends have shifted.  Renaissance is out and jewelry made with pieces of watch gears and brass tubing is in.

For the record, I think the computer modifications are totally bitchin’ and I wish like crazy I had more space to pull my computer apart and do the one at the top.  I know Popular science had a tutorial a while back on how to convert a keyboard shown above…Loved it then too.  (In looking up that article to link over, it turns out I had heard of Steampunk before I just didn’t pay enough attention to remember the name.)

Update: OOOHH! Found the dude who actually made the monitor shown at the top here is the tutorial I repeat – Bitchin’!


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