Website of the Week

My Website this week is a followup to my last post.  I still can’t get over how much I love this guy’s fabrications!!!!!!!!!


He not only built a kick-ass steampunk computer set but also converted a car and a bus, a guitar, an Altoids tin and an ipod as well as tons of etchings.  Pretty much everything he touches is amazing.  AGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I already can’t go into a Home Depot because I want everything too much, now even the Internet is taunting me with a lack of garage to build things.  Cruel, cruel world!  One day I will have space, and when I do…just watch out!  I am going to out-build all of you awesome people in cyber land. You have been warned.  Just click on the banner to check out his site.

In the real world…I successfully got my dad to and from Boston between major snow storms. We managed to have a good time even if most days the temp never cracked 20 degrees and we never did make it to a museum, the one and only thing he requested to do.  However we did watch all of the current “Big Bang Theory” episodes.  I LOVE SHELDON!!!

We sure did eat our way through town though…ah the bakeries…so much joy…so many calories.  Who cares,  winter coats were invented to cover winter weight gain right?  That’s my story at least.

I finished a new neck sock for James this week as his was lost on the bus two weeks ago and he simultaneously “requested” a Jayne Cobb hat. (I love him but I married a very large five year old, patience is not a virtue.  There is no consideration in his world for the time factor in knitting.)  Luckily one of my yarn buddies, failed to sell a Jayne hat at a convention last weekend so I picked it up for a song 🙂 Pictures to follow soon.  I love it.  She made a pom-pom too large…but that makes it even better.  (If you don’t know what I am talking about Google “Jayne Cobb hat Firefly.”)


2 Comments on “Website of the Week”

  1. stephlynn713 says:

    Nikki lets see the pics of James in the hat….I don’t think I have ever seen him wear a hat to think about it. Please don’t keep me in such suspense.

  2. Nikki Wright says:

    Working on it…getting a picture of him is like herding cats. I think I can manage it this weekend. He wears baseball caps all the time. But he has to commit to the hat idea, once it’s on his hair is messed up and God forbid he have crazy hair in public.

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