Rock, Paper, Scissors (Lava, Lizard, Spock)

James and I live on the forth floor, we have a dog – we have become very creative in bashing the other’s will into submission in our quest to never take said dog for a walk.  While riding the train home two days ago we decided to Rock/Paper/Scissors for the honor of taking him out when we got home.  I pulled out the little known “lava” hand signal complete with “whoosh” sound. (See Tommy Lee Jones movie Volcano, in which the little kids are playing RPS and a boy plays lava and beats the others by saying “What beats lava?” and TLJ’s daughter heroically says “My dad! I hope…”  Just Awesome.)


After successfully playing Lava, I pondered out loud the rules of R/P/S/Lizard/Spock.  We couldn’t remember if Spock beat everything always, or if you just always played Spock out of principle.  Well never fear!  Think Geek has created a shirt to help us all out with the rules.  Simply click on the shirt to be linked over to purchase this if you would like a handy guide at all times 🙂

How the Rookies Play with Others

  • Rock crushes lizard.
  • Scissors decapitate lizard.
  • Lizard eats paper.
  • Lizard poisons Spock.
  • Paper disproves Spock.
  • Spock vaporizes rock.
  • Spock bends scissors.

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2 Comments on “Rock, Paper, Scissors (Lava, Lizard, Spock)”

  1. you sound like my hubby and I! 🙂

  2. stephlynn713 says:

    And my personal favorite. Nuclear explosion beats all…HAHAHA (that’s my evil laugh by the way)

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