Making Cards – What Fun!

Valentine and Envelope
Outside View
Inside View

The Knotty Professor had folks over last week for a card making party.  So. Much. Fun.  I had never been to something so blatantly girly in my life before, believe it or not I don’t have a long history of having girlfriends.  (The girliness was tempered by a good game of Wii snowboarding going on in the same room.) She has years worth of crafting supplies that we were able to sift through which was fun for the pretty paper loving Nikki.  My favorites were the textured papers based on Amy Butler’s fabrics. (See detail paper on the cards above and below for examples of her design.)  I think the accessory trinkets came from The Paper Company.

Not to mention we had a chance to try the Prof’s kick ass chili.  Way to go ex-Texas girl!

ValentineHow can I give away cards like this!  I just want to keep them hidden away for ME!!!! But I was mocked and so they are on their way to better homes 🙂
Birthday Card
What’s nice is these really were super easy.  No fancy equipment, just scissors, rubber cement, card stock and pretty paper.  (And I admit a couple little pretty trinkets placed on top that she had lying around.  However the cards would have been nice even without those additions.)  Don’t think you have to buy all kinds of fancy things to craft…just buy a couple nice basics.  I would invest in good quality paper.


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