Website of The Week

So I was looking for one simple thing on the web and I stumbled on this gem. An hour later and I am still looking through dumb lists of top ten weird whatevers…enjoy. But don’t blame me when you don’t know where your whole day has gone.beard

On the “uggghhh” side of life, I sent off my tax checks last night, big and painful as always.  I could have held off until April 15th and made another ten dollars in interest on the money…but I would rather just know that I am done with it.  It sucks paying instead of getting refunds but James and I chose a couple years ago to collect our own interest on our money during the year instead of letting the government collect the interest during the year. (If you keep careful track of how much you put aside for taxes you still get to have an instant “refund” party with the leftovers in your savings account.  We set aside 25% of the gross check in preparation for this, it never actually requires that much.)  It still sucks writing the check but when I see stories like what is going on in California, I’m like hell yeah I’m holding on to my money as long as I can.  I don’t trust the government with it as far as I can throw them.

I was also excited because I thought this year was the last year I was going to have to pay someone to do our taxes for us.  Naive me, I thought next year I will just follow what we filed this year, nope.  It is so complicated.  It shouldn’t be.  I currently don’t have a job and we don’t own a home, we should be able to do this!  But no, James’ fellowship changes at least twice during the year and he has multiple types of retirement/disability things going on AND he works in several states.  So this year there was two state income taxes (resident and non-resident) but money was only paid to one by the fellowship, blah, blah, blah.  $380, multiple forms and four filings later our taxes were done.  I hate paying someone else to prepare my taxes, but I just don’t want them messed up.  Stupid IRS, stupid asinine tax code, and now stupid stimulus bill that is going to make this tax stuff all even more complicated next year…

Tax bitching for 2008 is complete.


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