This took me all morning – how sad…

Uploading photos to anything is SOOOOOOOOO slow…

However, I have finally finished procrastinating and created a shop in my blog.  (See the top right of my site, under the PAGES heading.) This should be easier for me to update and change than Etsy and lord knows I get a TON more hits here than I do on that site.  I can promo better here and I’ll be honest – I like you – my dear readers much more than the random people who may or may not even be looking at the other sites.

Let me be clear I do not expect anyone who reads my blog to actually buy something from me.  I just like having a blog for the sake of having one.  I know the economy sucks right now.  Frankly I am SHOCKED every time I make a sale no mater how small.  I just ask if you do know someone is going to buy something anyway (Wedding, anniversary or whatnot) and you happen to think I do good work – pass my information to your friend or family member.

Again as always, thanks for reading!



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