Tales From A Tiny…Car?

Why is everything in my life little? Little apartment, little dog, (little money – sad), I even make little dinners and pies to feed two people. AND NOW…we have a little SMART car. I never meant to be a city girl, everything is miniaturizing…eek.


But seriously, how awesome is this? Two giant people – one tiny car. We can fit both of us plus our dog and groceries in here. Pardon my hair, it was very windy out.

Damn time change made it impossible to get to sleep last night, so after WAY too much giggling, here are the possible names for our car:

(The voting begins now.)

Peck (Everyone would have to do a Val Kilmer hair toss to get into the car, or say Willow like the old lady.)



Jayne (I could knit a tiny, tiny hat for the antenna…)

Picard (There is literally no end of jokes here. It’s a little red shirt, the passenger would always be called Number One, starting is now called “engage”, the GPS would be named Computer, all slight left turns would now be called the Picard Maneuver, The car has…FOUR…LIGHTS…, it just goes on and on)

1812 (1812 Overture DRD from Farscape, the obligatory Jim Henson shout out.)


Rick (It’s a car so we could actually roll…get it, Rick Roll…HA! Things my car will never do…)

Never Gonna, Pull a truck

Never Gonna, Haul four clowns

Never Gonna, Move around without a driv-er

Never Gonna, Help me fly

Never Gonna, Drive a spy

Never Gonna, Carry a spare…ti-re

There were about 15 other really funny names and I fell asleep and lost them…damn it.

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2 Comments on “Tales From A Tiny…Car?”

  1. Jessica says:

    Hey not everything in your life is tiny…don’t forget about your GIANT crocheted blanket you were working on 🙂

  2. futuregirl says:

    I vote for Picard or Rick. Bad jokes never get old! 🙂

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