Sometimes I Get Confused (Go Figure)

For some reason I thought there were rules to this blog that I had to hold myself to, this means I don’t post as often as I might otherwise. Throughout the day I think of about a gazillion little things that amuse me and instead of posting them here – on my blog – the place I set aside for such things…I end up AIMing James all day long or posting ten zillion things to facebook. And then I wonder why only one person gets my jokes come the next day.

Because get this, I don’t want you, my invisible friends, to think I’m weird when you find out what I actually think about. Yup, it’s true. Like I feel that if I suddenly have a million random posts about stupid things that have nothing to do with crafting you will flee me screaming in terror, “Dear Lord NOOOO, she really is a total nerd! Do not taint your eyes with the filth from this blog!” Like getting exited about knitting and epoxying didn’t prove me a geek already.

So here is my outing – I’m a dork. Loud and proud. There will be crafting, but from now on there will be more of other things as well.

Oh, and the current facebook polling is leaning heavily toward the car being named Picard. Which means the GPS will now be called Computer, the first aid kit is Dr. Crusher, the engine shall now be know as LaForge, the owners manual is Wesley and the panic button on my key is Worf. By making this decision we have committed to future vehicles also being named for Starship Captains: the family car will be Archer, the old muscle car will be Pike, the car no one likes will be Janeway, the clunker in the yard that never moves will be Sisco. So many jokes so little time.
If you excuse me I have to give the front of my shirt a firm captain-ly tug and drive off now.

That sound you's me snorting picturing James wearing this as he gets out of his micromachine named Picard - HA!

That sound you's me snorting picturing James wearing this as he gets out of his micromachine named Picard - HA!


One Comment on “Sometimes I Get Confused (Go Figure)”

  1. Most entertaining. I always say a little variety ‘n’ humor go a long way in a blog. Right on!


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