Back to Blond…Again

So guess what happens when you spend three months in a hotel room with your spouse…nope we didn’t come home with a baby…it wasn’t that kind of trip people, dirty, dirty readers…no the correct answer is you get really bored.  REALLY BORED.  There is only so many times you can eat out or watch Dirty Jobs or How It’s Made.  (I do love me some Mike though!  We don’t get cable at home so I have to get my fill over the summers.)

So last summer we had to spend three months in a hotel in MD for his internship and around month two and a half I started looking at the mirror every five minutes thinking, “If only my hair were brown, oh the fun I could have…I could dye it red, or give it red streaks, or make it lighter or darker and no one would stare…but no, no I have the blond curse.”

Now I know what your thinking.  There are about four of you (my entire steady readership) who are currently making a nasty face at the screen and yelling, “World’s Tiniest Violin Lady” no one has any pity for you and the color everyone else pays for.  But you really don’t understand.  It never changes, always looks messy and I am not allowed to do anything with it.  The laws of nature forbid it.  One small moment of weakness = five to six years of recovery and/or large amounts of money.

Case in point.  Boredom = skip brown, go right to Reba red (AWESOME!) = bad fade = bad fade + weird “cool” blond roots (appear strangely gray when seen out of context – cool as in warm/neutral/cool…I’m on the cool color side) = try again with brown this time (Meh, not as awesome as red) = fade + weird roots + flat orangy color as blond tries to peek through damage….sigh….Why can’t my roots just cooperate and grow out brown?

Now one trip to the Blain’s beautician school later I am a “natural” blond again and $60 poorer (yeah for cheap students…this cost me over $200 to fix last time!)  I have learned my lesson for at least 5 or 6 years…that’s about how long it takes for the repeatedly damaged hair to finally stop snapping off and the boredom to set in again.

Till then…bleh, blond.

I know, I be waiting with my breath held for the sympathy cards that are sure to flood in.


3 Comments on “Back to Blond…Again”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Yea sorry, no pity there. Done it myself except in reverse. Did you know if you put blond highlights in brown hair and then spend a lot of time in the sun they turn orange? But 60 bucks to fix is a good deal I usually just cut it all off.

  2. Lucy says:

    I think almost every female can relate. I once paid $120 for auburn, the guy did strawberry blonde and when finished told me I looked washed out and should go home and put on some make-up. He’s lucky I let him live.

  3. Nikki Wright says:

    Ooooohhhh, I’d have killed him.

    Imaginary conversation in my head…

    “How do you like your hair?”
    “Ummmm, I think I wanted something a little browner…”
    “Yeah, no…this is what you’re getting…But I have to be honest, you look a little washed out, you should put on some makeup when you get home. That’ll be $120 hon. :)”
    “Sure let me just get my wallet out of my…BAM! Oh, I’m sorry…how did my plastic spork from lunch end up in your heart? The lack of blood makes you look a little washed out…you should look into some concealer…”

    And that is why I have to run all non-standard social interactions by James first… Apparently my first reactions aren’t always the classiest.

    You’re a better woman than I am 🙂

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