Introducing Mr. Ted E. Bear (Also known as Frankenstien’s Monster)


Introducing the cutest thing I have EVER made…as long as no one looks too closely. 😉 That’s right, I did it – I crocheted a teddy bear, booyah!

It wasn’t even that hard.  I simply added on to the things I have been learning.  I knew how to make a ball from the Ducky…this is just a series of ball variations.  Total cost $3, I used green and brown Sugar and Cream Cotton yard, a scrap of red and black acrylic yarn, Poly-fil and a G sized crochet needle.


  • Ball increasing steadily over a total of eight rows then holding steady for three or four rows then decreasing steadily for 8 rows. Stuffed with Poly-fil and closed.
  • Muzzle, made a small half ball and then sewed a triangle nose with black yarn, stuffed with Poly-fil and sewed to head.
  • Ears – chain 5 together to make a circle and then double crocheted 6 times into the center of the circle to make the shape and sewed it onto the head.


  • Increased steadily over nine rows and then held steady until the bear was as tall as I wanted him to be.  (Color change at the bottom of the shirt and two rows before the top) Decreased until I had 5 rows left and stopped.  Stuffed body and sewed onto head. (I wanted the neck to be a little thicker – not just two balls sewn together.)
  • As I did a REALLY bad job of sewing his face on straight the bottom of the head was WAY off to the side and I had to hide this fact…so…he got a cute scarf.  See everything can be covered!
  • Scarf – single chain as long as I wanted the scarf to be and then I went back down the row with a double crochet
  • Sew scarf to body to cover all ugliness 🙂

Arms and Legs – My personal hell

  • I hate crocheting tiny things – that’s just me…I almost sent him as a stump, but I sucked it up and did the right thing.
  • Arms, Tiny Ball – Two rows of double stitching in each loop and then one row of decreasing then hold steady for length I wanted. (Color change at wrist.) Pinched the ends together before sewing to bear, they can flap up and down now.
  • Legs, (I admit Andrea made the little feet) She made a small chain and then looped back down the chain to make an oval instead of a circle…and now I know how to do something new…neat! Left the ends open and sewed to bear flat – the legs don’t move much so the bear can sit.
  • Stuff and sew limbs on.  Pretend to self they are even remotely even in size or placement…not true, but if I say it enough maybe it will make it true…)

Stand back and look at finished product…Oh My Gosh! That is adorable!  As long as we never tell the receiving child how much cussing went into it…Nothing but love baby, nothing but love 🙂dsc02225

We did it, we took the plunge. I now run a Female, Veteran owned Small Business.

From now on all posts will be uploaded at Go Places, Baby!

My family and I could not be more excited to start bringing you the very best products that we can.

Thank you to everyone that visits and supports us!


One Comment on “Introducing Mr. Ted E. Bear (Also known as Frankenstien’s Monster)”

  1. Colleen says:

    That bear is too cute–love it!

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