How to Make Crab Ragoons – Yum!


Ah, is there anything sexier than a man making dinner?  I think not.


Crab Ragoon Recipe:

  • Package of crab meat (I like the sealed bag packs near the tuna, you get the most meat for your money.)
  • Cream Cheese (one Philly package)
  • Finely chopped green onions (handful)
  • Worcestershire Sauce (a few shakes)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Anything else you like in the inside of your ragoon
  • Egg roll wrappers (usually near veggies in the supermarket)
  • Cooking Oil
  • Duck Sauce for dipping


Mix everything together in a bowl and set aside a bowl with water and a pastry brush.  You will also want to have a plate and paper towels for your finished packages.

Usually the egg rolls will come with instructions on how to wrap them.  I would experiment with a couple different shapes and see what works for you.  DO NOT OVER FILL THE RAGOONS.  If you do they will explode while cooking and evil will invade your cooking process. (Much spitting of the hot oil.)

Use the water to seal the edges but don’t soak the dough, put them on paper towels to wait to be cooked and don’t let them touch or they will stick together and tear.

Heat the oil to the temp indicated in instructions and put a few in at a time.  If you have an explosion and the insides get into the oil, carefully remove the bad ragoon and throw it away.  Watch out for popping oil.

When they are golden brown they are done.  (If you are making several batches you might put them in a lightly heated oven to stay warm (once they have drained on paper towels for a few seconds) while the others are cooking.

So good, So good, So good, So good, So good, So good, So good, So good…


One Comment on “How to Make Crab Ragoons – Yum!”

  1. Tricia says:

    I thought only people here ate crab rangoon!!

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