Stay tuned for giveaway details…

So I meant to do this today…but one simple sentence changed my whole weekend.  All I said was “Do you think we should move the bed in here?”  Who knew that would result in mass pandemonium for the rest of the weekend. (My bedroom is now my living room and my living room is now my bedroom and my dog is now neurotically preparing for the apocalypse…you would have to see our place to understand why all this occurred.)

ANYWAY, I told myself when I started this blog that when I made it to 10,000 hits I would do a giveaway as a thanks to the readers…well your guys raced right ahead of my schedule thanks to a few of my posts getting picked up by some of the larger sites.  I have some small things to finish before I am ready to send of my little Easter gifts so pictures and details will be coming later this week – assuming I can find my hot glue gun in the resulting carnage.  Nothing big or fancy, just a little thank you.

We are now so much happier with the state of the appartment, Loki’s fine (happiness is where his toy box resides) and I am so grateful that this many people have read my blog in half a year…thanks to everyone!  And like I said, check in couple days for the giveaway details.

buttons After this much moving of things, I discovered I was down to my last three buttons, so…I just ordered buttons for the first time in my life, all is right in the world.  (Before today I was simply saving them from old clothes and keeping the spare ones you received with new clothes…talk about lame.  That takes forever.  They will send them to you by the bagfull at Buttons Galore, Wahoo!)


One Comment on “Stay tuned for giveaway details…”

  1. Robin A. says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your poignant comment about selling your work. I totally understand. I just read through all of your showing blog posts. Wow, you are some prolific writer and maker of things! How are you liking that smart car of yours?

    Congratulations on making 10.000 hits! Gadzooks, that’s a lot. How do you know? Where do you find stats like that… Is that a feature of WordPress? I didn’t enter your giveaway because I used to “do” eggs and have so many that I never remember to put out as it is… But they’re lovely and will be much appreciated by the winner.

    Robin A.

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