Website of the Week 3-23-09

Oh. My. GOSH!  I was looking at paper cutting images online as I have a couple ideas that I am debating and I wanted to see what other people are doing and how it is working out for them…and then I found this and my brain stopped working.  Everything is made from A4 paper and glue, please check out the work of Peter Callesen.

the-short-distance-betweenGo to this site, now, now, now.   Amazing…these images are just the tip of the iceberg.  Wow.


-AND-  I am all about making sure the people I know get every ounce of help I can give them…please take a moment to check out JMN Entertainment. This is new brand new blog set up by a wonderful theater reviewer/publicist that I know.  Jan writes for and bless her wonderful heart she takes me along with her now and then when she has spare tickets. (Free is just about my budget.)  If you are ever looking for quality theater reviews of Boston area plays (and I believe she does some New York reviews as well) and interviews please check out her site.


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