Website of the Week, Part Duex

Ok, so I typed in Google images “Tim Burton House”, don’t ask – it relates to paper cutting, that is all I will admit to.

And this is what came up.  When I got finished snorting with laughter I knew I had to post it. Tim Burton was at one point trying to make a version of Superman.

Just go look at this site, great stuff.  The blogger is hilarious.

Through this blog I was exposed for the first time ever to the Cat Shit One trailer (the old American name was Apocalypse Meow), the most adorable violence I have ever seen.  YouTube it and tell me you don’t both cringe and go awww at the same time.


And, ummm, this is so very, very wrong that I had to share…

b747_pride_and_prejudice_and_zombiesFor just over $10 you too can have your favorite book ruined in oh so wonderful ways.  ThinkGeek has a copy with your name on it.


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