I just don’t know…


You’ll know what specific project this is for when I have time to take some pictures for a future post…but I drew this quick mock up for a potential paper cut last night.  Not as “haunted house” as I was hoping for, but still pretty cool I think. I wasn’t worried too  much about details.  I was barely looking at it any more by the time I got to the fence at the bottom – hence the “never gonna happen” fence posts.  (I was busy marveling at how bad season 2 of X-Files is, really terrible…so glad we finished that season last night.)

The question is when I do the cutting should I go though a white paper to reveal a colored or textured paper behind (as in the left choice), or should I cut through a black paper to reveal a lighter color or white paper (as seen on the right).

I am leaning toward black in the front…but I am worried about long-term fading.

What do you think?


One Comment on “I just don’t know…”

  1. Christina J. says:

    I like the black on the front, too. It’s a very cool picture!

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