Why do people throw awesome things away?

I stalked this steamer trunk in our apartment’s basement for two years, praying that no one else would take it before I was comfortable grabbing it.  A lot of people move in to our building, a lot of people move out and A LOT of stuff gets left behind each year, but there is always the chance that someone might have been using the basement for storage.  I didn’t want to steal anything.  However, after two years of collecting dust this baby is MINE. (Nobody but our neighbor has lasted more than two years, so we figured we are safe.)

Why would anyone throw away something this awesome?  It is gorgeous and huge.  We vacu-sealed as much as we could to free up some closet space and packed this to the brim.  SO. VERY. HAPPY.chest
One of the apartments in my building is being renovated and they are throwing away all kinds of great stuff.  I have had to restrain the crafting side of me from grabbing doors and windows by the bucket load.  I let myself take just one thing…this super great window.  I now have six panes to fill with artwork before I hang it on the wall.  I did a mock up of a papercut I might do a few posts ago and I have a couple other ideas kicking around in my head for the other five panes.  It is a little difficult as the spaces are long and narrow, but I love a challenge.  Filling these spaces might be the focus of the blog for a while…let’s see what ends up in here.  Should be lots of fun!


2 Comments on “Why do people throw awesome things away?”

  1. Linda says:

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! My husband and I found an old farmhouse door in his parent’s garage. They had tried (unsuccessfully) to sell it at a garage sale- TWICE. We took it, cleaned it up, reinforced it with a piece of wood floor, added legs and plexi-glass, and voila…we had a desk/turtle tank stand combo. Its one of those things we’d never have found if we were really “looking”. I love that trunk. I would have been stalking it too. What a great find :o)

  2. Angela says:

    That is a little piece of fried gold. Now I’m all inspired to go garage sale shopping.

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