My Blog’s been Twitterpated

Someone, somewhere, tweeted (is that the right verb?) one of my blog posts and whoever that wonderful person is they sure are popular because golly-gee-wiz, you guys are just flying in right and left aren’t-cha.

If you want to look through my projects and recipes quickly just click on the links in the top right under “Pages” and click on the picture that interests you to go directly to that post, or simply pursue through the old posts.  I’m hilarious, I promise.  (And humble, did I mention humble.)

So I’ll be honest here, I’m not up on the whole Twitter thing, so I checked it out and created a profile.  If you want to follow me there search NikkiDWright and add me.

Thanks for stopping by little birdies 🙂


2 Comments on “My Blog’s been Twitterpated”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Tried to find you on twitter, but the search came up empty – any thoughts on why? also, when I tried to comment here, I had to really search for the link because it’s so small. Any chance that has something to do with the low feedback? Just a thought…

  2. Nikki Wright says:

    I have set the Twitter to private, I thought that just kept me out of the public feed but still allowed people to search for me…I’ll have to look into that. I might make it public for a while to help people to look me up.

    I think that the small comment link might have something to do with the limited feedback. I have tried a few different themes with WordPress. All of the really functional and easy to use ones are not very attractive, and this one (which I think looks best) doesn’t have great user friendliness.

    James and I decided if I was still blogging at the one year mark I could switch over to a paid site like Typepad (all of my favorite bloggers use this platform), if this is what is preventing people from leaving comments though…I might consider taking the plunge earlier.

    How about it folks…are other people having the same difficulties? I don’t mind paying for a site which allows me more control over the way the screen looks if it will help.

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