Doctor Who Scarf – Post One – The Pattern

  • Knitted in Garterstitch
  • 70 Stitches wide
  • I am using a US size six needle
  • All color changes on same edge (even number of rows for each color)
  • Tassels close together consisting of all 7 colors (about 4 inches long)

*All numbers are in rows

10 purple
52 tan
16 brown
10 yellow
22 red
8 purple
20 green
8 yellow
28 tan
14 red
8 green
10 purple
42 green
8 yellow
16 gray
8 red
54 tan
10 purple
12 green
8 yellow
18 red
8 purple
38 Green
10 tan
6 gray
40 red
14 yellow
20 green
8 purple
42 tan
12 brown
20 gray
8 red
20 purple
6 tan
14 yellow
54 green
16 red
12 gray
8 yellow
20 green
10 purple
12 tan
32 gray
10 red
18 yellow
40 tan
8 Green
24 red
14 purple
12 yellow
44 brown
8 red
14 tan
18 green
28 gray
30 yellow
50 purple
16 tan
8 brown
18 green
24 red
14 gray
10 yellow
26 tan
12 green

I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to know about Doctor Who scarfs while researching the pattern I wanted to use. There are some super wacky fans out there. I chose this pattern, mainly because I thought it looked the best and the website I got it from had the clearest instructions. You can get patterns from different season scarves and the patterns come in either this format or in color block format, which I find helpful…the only problem is that I couldn’t find anywhere how much yarn I would actually need. So I simply guessed, ordered and prayed.

Speaking of just ordering and praying.  I don’t think I am going to order yarn online again.  I spent a lot of time price and color shopping.  I knew I needed specific colors and I needed a lot of yarn (working within a budget here).  I determined very quickly that I was going to have to sacrifice on the material.  I had to downgrade from wool to acrylic almost immediately but I still thought I could hit the mark for the colors…I was wrong.  Plus I got totally burned on shipping costs; it ate through much of my savings.  (I went with Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice Acrylic.)

Now let me just say, the colors my yarn actually turned out to be are still  lovely, and the scarf will be very nice.  I made sure to order all within one brand so they will all blend well together and they are still going to have a very 70’s feel…but the tan on the screen ended up beige and the gray ended up taupe.  So we’ll see.  It’s not a huge deal.  90% of the people in the world weren’t going to understand the scarf anyway and of the remaining 10% who get it – well, I am unlikely to come across a super-fan as I don’t attend conventions.

However be warned, should any future conversation ever start like this:

“Hey, I love your Doctor Who scarf…but you know that he never had a creamy beige in any season right?”

I have a mean right hook, and yes, I am bigger than you.

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2 Comments on “Doctor Who Scarf – Post One – The Pattern”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Thanks for posting this Nikki! I have many times thought of making a Dr. Who scarf, but have never got around to doing the research. But thinking of online yarn ordering, have you checked It is a discount shop with great deals on REAL fibers. I really like their website as well, because you can search by fiber type (including combinations) yarn weight, and manufacturer. Definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it. Cheers!

  2. crystal says:

    Hi there Nikki,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to meet a fellow book-aholic! 😉

    This scarf should be a great TV/movie watching project! I love to have something to work on that doesn’t take too much concentration (pattern-wise) when there’s a good movie we want to see.

    Great blog you have – LOVE your beaded jewelry – especially the seed bead designs!!

    Warmest wishes to you!

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