Doctor Who Scarf Follow Along – Post Two – Progress

Day three of knitting while watching TV at night and here is where I am – about halfway through the first red section. (4th color change.)Doctor Who Scarf in Progress

I am loving making this! I think I actually like the back side more where you can see the colors mixing with each other.  I might take the picture from that side next time.

I think I would be much further along if I didn’t have to stop at each color change and wrap a new center pulling ball of yarn (can we say yawn).  But in honor of all of the practice I am getting at doing this…there is a tutorial coming.

OK – he’s gonna kill me for this, but I have to share.  My always interesting spouse is constantly popping out with doozies that I can’t share with the world because they are either way, way too wrong to share (as is half the stuff I say) or he would just kill me if I published it.  But this, this has to be shared:

(Background, he is OBSESSED with owning new socks and belts, seriously, socks and belts – this is a decade long conversation, just with a new ending.)

Me: So – that shirt the mouse nibbled, I think we got the last one from Sears…we should get some more while we are out.

Him: We can get one this time and more next time we go out.

Me: Why would we come back, why don’t we get several now?

Him: ….Because that will be expensive…and…I want a belt.

Me: (laughing) You’re not getting a belt.

Him: But, (puppy eyes) I don’t have any more dress belts, except one. (Side note he is wearing his “nice” pants on a random Saturday because he doesn’t feel like jeans today.)

Me: You’re not getting a belt.  (Lot’s of laughing at him by now.) We’re here for shirts, your belts are fine.


Him: Hey – I grew up poor…I have embraced the metrosexual!  I need a belt!

– We both explode into laughing.

I can now add this to the list of things I never expected my born-in-the-sticks husband to say – Brilliant.  You let them get one taste of good clothes and they can’t go back.  He went from beng a Perry Ellis wearing store manager to a jean and slogan T-shirt wearing grad student…sometimes now he just wants to feel pretty again…don’t we all…

No belt was purchased on this day. 🙂


3 Comments on “Doctor Who Scarf Follow Along – Post Two – Progress”

  1. Annie says:

    Hi to a fellow newish blogger! Thanks for following me on twitter. It looks like you have the same wide range of craft interests that I do. 🙂 Yay! Annie:-)

  2. crystal says:

    Looking great, Nikki! 🙂

    (BTW thanks for the tweet!)

  3. kimberlee says:

    I love the husband story. I sometimes write down what mine says on little scraps of paper with the date so I can torture him with them later. 😀

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