PhotoShop verses Nikki, Round One


This was two days of my life.  Sad, I know. But given the fact that when I started I couldn’t even find the “paint fill” button I’m not dong too shabby. I think if I wasn’t working on a laptop that was ichin’ to crash every ten minutes and had an actual mouse instead my irritating touch pad this would have been smoother…Plus for the life of me I can’t figure out how to download any add-ons, so I am stuck with only the limited things that actually come with Photoshop, not all of the cool brushes and filters that people have created and made available for free downloading. Did I mention I am working with an outdated slimmed down version of the program…oh yeah, it’s a pleasure. (Boy this sounds bitchy…sorry PhotoShop makes me a wee bit grumpy.)

I want to be able to not only manipluate photographs but create images from scratch.  There is no point in upgrading my blog if I can’t build the header and buttons to make the upgrade worth it…so back to toiling away.  I just had to prove I had done something with my time. (However small it feels.)

Update: James couldn’t figure out how to fill pen drawn objects with color (that took me almost two days to master, all the tutorials assume you already know how to do this) but he did figure out how to get extra brushes. Yeah! so now my tree has bigger sparkles. Wahoo.


One Comment on “PhotoShop verses Nikki, Round One”

  1. Christina J. says:

    Looks like you are doing a great job in spite of all the obstacles!

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