Doctor Who Scarf, Post Three – Progress

First things first, Torchwood is now on my Netflix list because I am not afraid to say this loud and proud; Captain Jack is yummy. I don’t even care if the spin off is terribly good, as long as he is in every scene I will suffer through all three seasons.

Onto scarf progress.

I am so consistent it’s scary. My scarf has followed the same time honored path as everything else I have ever started. Transcript of my life: (Substitute the word that with anything I have ever wanted, it will still work.)

  1. Oooohhhhhh, I want that!
  3. Now, Now, Now, Now, Now!!!!!!
  4. Quickly find out everything the Internet knows about that.
  5. Purchase supplies in a frenzy of glee, often skipping around the store and/or squirming like a three-year-old who has to pee. (Stupid lines and driving, slow me down from starting my project.)
  6. Assuming something shiny has not yet at this point distracted my attention and taken me down a new path of “Oooohhhh, I want that!” I now begin building/drawing/cutting/knitting etc., said desired object which will bring me all the joy the universe has to offer.
  7. Get about 1/4 of the way into project and discover I should have maybe taken a little more time to plan, inevitably I do not have enough of something critical and there is no way I can justify this project costing even more.
  8. Scrap everything I learned in Step 4 and wing it from then on. Pattern or original idea be damned!
  9. After extensive alterations I have something that very nearly resembles that which I wanted in the first place.

We have accepted my compulsive nature and built a system around it. Like handguns, there is now a waiting period in my home for crafting projects (or anything really.) I have to wait a week from the first Ooooohhhh before I am allowed anywhere near a store.  (This helps to weed out the passing fancy shiny and pretty things and makes sure I have less than 100 projects at any one time.)  It also works pretty well for him and electronics…

scarf progress
My scarf didn’t let me down. Right about the second tan section I started to notice something funny, “Huh, I sure am going through this beige A LOT faster than anything else.  I wonder if I will have enough to finish the project? How many more rows of tan are there?”

You see the critical flaw in my plan now right?  This was the FIRST time that I counted and added up the number of rows that each color is expected to cover. (My master plan was I bought two of every color – surely that would be enough.) Ummm, problem.  There are 300 rows of tan, 270 rows of green and 80 rows of brown.  Clearly the colors are not spread out evenly…Slap forehead and rethink.

New plan, completely and radically rewrite pattern to space out all of the colors and salvage the project.  So now I no longer have a Doctor Who scarf…it’s more like a Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor scarf.  Whatever, I still love it. Whoever invented miles and miles of garter stitch must have known I would be born one day.  I know this bores everyone else on the planet, but not me. In my world the more repetitive and thought free an action can be the more I love it.buttons

Ah, and my buttons came in.  Luckily I have been sick and having fun with my scarf or these would have distracted me again.  Sock monsters would have been made, and James would have been sad.  As it is very likely that I would have cut up perfectly fine socks in my hurry to make them and he sure does love having a plethora of socks.  One fight averted by the common cold – thank you Rhinovirus.


2 Comments on “Doctor Who Scarf, Post Three – Progress”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Sock Monster????? Do tell.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Oy! I’m going to print this and post it on my fridge. It’s terribly comforting to find someone else who does this same compulsive craftmaking behavior. Unfortunately, I’ve never taken the time between “Ooohhs” to articulate the pattern I’m stuck in, so you’ve done me a great service! Gotta go – I have to hurry to Michael’s……..

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