Whale Watching on a Rainy Tuesday

A friend from high school came into town for a little while and asked what there was to do in Boston.  I listed of the normal touristy stuff and he became interested when I mentioned whale watching.  This is where several whale species come to feed during the summer.  I encourage anyone to take the tour.  It’s worth it to do this at least once in your life.

I am terrible at taking good pictures of whales.  I didn’t manage to take good ones last time either.  I have lots of great, “this is the water just after they disappear shots,” but here is the best one I got.  This is a mother and few month old calf.
Combine large sail boat festival with intense fog and instantly you’re hundreds of years in the past in a ghost story or Peter Pan.  These ships would just appear out of nowhere.  Awesome.

According to a stranger, always the most reputable sources in the world, this is the last occupied lighthouse in the US.


BostonBoston from the water.


One Comment on “Whale Watching on a Rainy Tuesday”

  1. So it is not like Demetri Martin says, “Whale watching is a lot like people getting angry because they don’t see a whale watching?”

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