Stuff I am sure I don’t need, but…

I have no room to craft right now and I’m broke, sooooo OF COURSE I want these things more than life itself…

Oh, Martha…how do you do it?  You manage to be simultaneously someone I would never want to actually talk to AND sort of my hero.  I love nearly everything you touch…I mean, really, you made glitter, already one of the most awesome things man ever invented, even better! Martha’s glitter is far and away the best there is.  So why Martha, why do you continue to irritate me every time I hear you speak?…If not for that we could be such good friends. I want to love you.

I have six more months to spoil the begeesus outta my little furry buddy.  But his needs are simple, too simple.  I found all of these neato little animal rope toys at, but I know the truth…I could buy these for him, but he will pass them by for a free stick every time.  Ah, well.  So instead of spending money, many trips to the dog park (and camping with me this weekend) are in his future.  He doesn’t know it yet but he is also going to help me train for ridiculously long road marches…his days of being a lazy fat-fat-fatty are over.  Ten mile hikes here we come!


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