More stuff I am pretty sure I don’t need…But BOY do I want it!

Ooooooooooooohhhhh, Nikki likey, Nikki likey! OK, I have a confession…this is yet another of my dirty little secrets, along with my deep love for Mike Rowe, Jensen Ackles and young Harrison Ford (I repeat only the young version is acceptable)…I also want to marry wool felt.  Just look at these cuties, we would be so happy together.

These beauties were made by Lupin.  Stop by and check out what she has for sale on Etsy.  Finished pieces and VERY reasonable prices for assorted felt packages.  If you only need a certain color check out National Nonwoven, again pretty reasonably priced.  I don’t know about you guys, but I never lose the chance to find more felt suppliers.

Every few months I remember that I am madly in love with Amy Butler’s everything.  Just browsing her site makes me want to Mod Podge the whole world.  I must now purchase insane quantities of her fabrics and papers, and then find more surfaces to cover.

Update: I am not sure how I forgot these guys as they are dang near at the top of my list, but I need to include Richard Dean Anderson (or as his close friends and I call him, Rick) and Mark Harmon into the aforementioned group of guys I fully intend to marry some day.  I think I have officially ventured in to wacky polygamy territory now so I think that is all.


7 Comments on “More stuff I am pretty sure I don’t need…But BOY do I want it!”

  1. fani says:

    i like it..

  2. leya says:


  3. Shoffee Felt says:

    Hello. My Name is Shofi. I’m a student from Indonesia. I also like felt craft. Come to my blog ‘’. And give your comment

  4. Camila de Sá says:

    Hello girl, this is so cute…. 🙂 Great inspiration for news ideas and projects!
    Come to my new blog I´m from Brazil! Kiss

  5. France bedard says:

    Hi i cant find all those design from your picture on her esty ste. Thank you

  6. Nikki says:

    She may have sold out of that stock by now, the post is more than a year old, but you might try sending her a message with a request to make specific things. Most Etsy sellers are very happy to do this.

  7. France bedard says:

    ok Thank you vers much. I will 🙂

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