Doctor Who Scarf: Progress Report

I promise, PROMISE, promise this will be done one day. I’ve been out and about having adventures so I only knit while watching instant-view Netflix these days. Which isn’t that often. (This winter I took up SCUBA diving, kayaking, rock climbing, running, and I hit the gym a lot getting ready for basic training…oh! and I went skydiving once too…all in all, it’s been a busy outdoor kind of Florida winter.)

However, I fit in a block or two of color every few weeks and, since I last updated you on my progress, I’ve added about four feet to the scarf as well as woven in all the lose ends except for the rows I added last week.

Please note, I'm six feet tall...

Only six more feet to go!

Superwoman posing in my PJs and scarf. That's how I roll.


One Comment on “Doctor Who Scarf: Progress Report”

  1. This is SO COOL! I love it. xo

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