About me

I started this blog for my own selfish reasons. I wanted to better remember how I made my favorite projects and recipes, it has also become a dumping ground for neat things I have run across, to help me find what I love on the internet again.

I love to make things with my hands…anything…If I can watch something being constructed or inspect an object to see how it is made, chances are I can reproduce it or make something I like even better. This blog has also given me a place where I can be  the  huge dork that I am without shame. Let all of the history lovin’, scifi obsessed, knitters/crafters/ cooks/readers/overall geeks of the world unite!

I never thought I would have nearly as many readers as I have had and I am very grateful for the unexpected society of people who have interacted with me solely because of this blog and given me interesting feedback and sometimes even sent me cool new stuff to play with. Thanks to everyone who stops by and checks out what I have posted and double thanks to everyone who links over to my page from their’s. It is only thanks to you wonderful few dedicated bloggers that anyone reads what I have written at all.

Between work and family I don’t get to manage this blog as actively as I used to be able to. If you need to reach me quickly please email: nikki.d.wright@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy,



2 Comments on “About me”

  1. debbie e says:

    I need to know if the needle sizes given are American or Canadian please. First time on the site and fairly new ti knitting.It never says. Please help. thanks DEb

  2. Nikki says:

    Sorry, all my needles are US sizes. Welcome to knitting, have fun! 🙂

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