Kick Ass Halloween Idea

By far the most creative Halloween crafting I saw this year.  Click on the picture below to check out much more of this awesomeness.


Website of the Week, Part Duex

Ok, so I typed in Google images “Tim Burton House”, don’t ask – it relates to paper cutting, that is all I will admit to.

And this is what came up.  When I got finished snorting with laughter I knew I had to post it. Tim Burton was at one point trying to make a version of Superman.

Just go look at this site, great stuff.  The blogger is hilarious.

Through this blog I was exposed for the first time ever to the Cat Shit One trailer (the old American name was Apocalypse Meow), the most adorable violence I have ever seen.  YouTube it and tell me you don’t both cringe and go awww at the same time.


And, ummm, this is so very, very wrong that I had to share…

b747_pride_and_prejudice_and_zombiesFor just over $10 you too can have your favorite book ruined in oh so wonderful ways.  ThinkGeek has a copy with your name on it.

Website of the Week 3-23-09

Oh. My. GOSH!  I was looking at paper cutting images online as I have a couple ideas that I am debating and I wanted to see what other people are doing and how it is working out for them…and then I found this and my brain stopped working.  Everything is made from A4 paper and glue, please check out the work of Peter Callesen.

the-short-distance-betweenGo to this site, now, now, now.   Amazing…these images are just the tip of the iceberg.  Wow.


-AND-  I am all about making sure the people I know get every ounce of help I can give them…please take a moment to check out JMN Entertainment. This is new brand new blog set up by a wonderful theater reviewer/publicist that I know.  Jan writes for and bless her wonderful heart she takes me along with her now and then when she has spare tickets. (Free is just about my budget.)  If you are ever looking for quality theater reviews of Boston area plays (and I believe she does some New York reviews as well) and interviews please check out her site.

Website of the Week 3-6-2009


In honor of the new tiny, tiny car in my family  – a SMART car for two.  Here are other tiny cars.  Click on the image to be linked over…hilarious.tiny

In all seriousness, we paid today but MA has really stupid rules about not getting the vehicle registered in any sort of timely fashion so we pick up our car and its tiny, tiny car cover on Sunday, pictures to follow.


Website of the Week

This is also yet another great site for purchasing discount jewelry making supplies which is the main reason for me to be there -but – they also have finished jewelry on the super cheap.  So again, I may win no awards for being a good businesswoman, but stuff it – I like this site.  Who cares if they sell finished jewelry for pennies.  There is a recession going on.  Buy pretty things where you can.   So if you want beads, findings, or don’t want to bother with making anything at all, check them out.

Website of The Week

So I was looking for one simple thing on the web and I stumbled on this gem. An hour later and I am still looking through dumb lists of top ten weird whatevers…enjoy. But don’t blame me when you don’t know where your whole day has gone.beard

On the “uggghhh” side of life, I sent off my tax checks last night, big and painful as always.  I could have held off until April 15th and made another ten dollars in interest on the money…but I would rather just know that I am done with it.  It sucks paying instead of getting refunds but James and I chose a couple years ago to collect our own interest on our money during the year instead of letting the government collect the interest during the year. (If you keep careful track of how much you put aside for taxes you still get to have an instant “refund” party with the leftovers in your savings account.  We set aside 25% of the gross check in preparation for this, it never actually requires that much.)  It still sucks writing the check but when I see stories like what is going on in California, I’m like hell yeah I’m holding on to my money as long as I can.  I don’t trust the government with it as far as I can throw them. Read the rest of this entry »

Website of the Week

My Website this week is a followup to my last post.  I still can’t get over how much I love this guy’s fabrications!!!!!!!!!


He not only built a kick-ass steampunk computer set but also converted a car and a bus, a guitar, an Altoids tin and an ipod as well as tons of etchings.  Pretty much everything he touches is amazing.  AGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I already can’t go into a Home Depot because I want everything too much, now even the Internet is taunting me with a lack of garage to build things.  Cruel, cruel world!  One day I will have space, and when I do…just watch out!  I am going to out-build all of you awesome people in cyber land. You have been warned.  Just click on the banner to check out his site.

In the real world…I successfully got my dad to and from Boston between major snow storms. We managed to have a good time even if most days the temp never cracked 20 degrees and we never did make it to a museum, the one and only thing he requested to do.  However we did watch all of the current “Big Bang Theory” episodes.  I LOVE SHELDON!!!

We sure did eat our way through town though…ah the bakeries…so much joy…so many calories.  Who cares,  winter coats were invented to cover winter weight gain right?  That’s my story at least.

I finished a new neck sock for James this week as his was lost on the bus two weeks ago and he simultaneously “requested” a Jayne Cobb hat. (I love him but I married a very large five year old, patience is not a virtue.  There is no consideration in his world for the time factor in knitting.)  Luckily one of my yarn buddies, failed to sell a Jayne hat at a convention last weekend so I picked it up for a song 🙂 Pictures to follow soon.  I love it.  She made a pom-pom too large…but that makes it even better.  (If you don’t know what I am talking about Google “Jayne Cobb hat Firefly.”)