Dual Military: This is the resulting pile of gifts after months of alternating training events

2014-04-05 15.16.14

A whole pile of love.

2014-04-05 15.17.48

Dude bouquet 🙂

Sometimes it seems like my husband and I never see each other, but he’s coming home today! In honor of all the events we missed between my time away from home and his I present the mega man gift pile. Ta-da!


Everyone can do something.

Check out CitzenSAM, (thanks to Stitching ‘n’ Knitting for helping me find this site).  From personal experience I can tell you the projects they have listed are very relevant.  My husband actually asked me at one point or another for almost everything on the list that they provide in the adopt-a-solider project, and his loose memory of something similar to the pictured helmet warmer was the inspiration for the Neck Sock pattern I posted and part of the reason I learned how to knit in the first place.  CitizenSAM has very clear directions (which MUST be followed exactly if you wish to participate) for how to make the pictured helmet warmer.

There are projects to help kids of fallen soldiers, K-9’s, wounded vets, etc., etc.

If you can sew, knit, crochet, write a letter, buy a dog toy or make a blog post you can help in a very real way.  We have been here…As the wife of a formerly deployed National Guardsman and the current spouse of a disabled vet – let me say this in the clearest way possible.  These things matter.

While I am on the subject, don’t forget the families of the guardsmen and women who are now doing without an important person every day.  Help with yard work if you can, ask if there is anything that needs to be fixed around the house or if the spouse left behind simply needs someone to watch the kids so they can have a night off.

The soldier will know you did this and will be just as, if not more grateful, than if you had done something for them.  They worry constantly about the people at home.  Knowing that their families are having a hard time, especially right now is devastating for morale.

You can and do matter, go ahead and help someone.