Shelf Re-Do, Step Three – DIY Magazine / Project Notes Storage

Whilst browsing Pinterest one day after work I saw a lady who makes all kinds of storage stuff out of cereal boxes…I can’t find the pin now, I think I just looked at her blog without pinning. Oops. Here is the project that I remember best and decided to do myself. Cereal boxes into magazine storage containers.

Who doesn’t have cereal boxes in their home? All you have to do is measure and mark where five inches is on one side, use a ruler to draw a line up to the other corner and then cut along the lines. It’s that easy.

Yeah, I still eat like a five-year-old, don’t judge. Those marshmallows are delicious.

Simply cover the cut boxes with the paper of your choice. I decided to continue the brown paper theme I had going on the rest of my shelf and only have the pretty paper at the end that folk will see. I’m too cheap to have magazines coming to my house, but this is a great way for me to keep the notes and sketches I have for various projects organized.


Shelf Re-Do, Step Two – Storage Box Improvement

I have an awful lot of bits and pieces of things that I have collected for projects over the years. Normally these wonderful little scraps are consigned to little zippy bags in a nondescript box on a shelf in a room I hope no one will ever enter. What a sad way for them to wait to be made into something pretty. But no longer, today my little useful friends get to come live out here with me in the real house.

Just a normal $20 storage container from a hardware store.

I needed something at the store and instead of putting on my blinders like normal, grabbing that one thing and getting the heck out of there, I accidentally looked around and saw this storage container. Now, I wasn’t looking for a storage container but, I’m a crafter so I got a slight high thinking of all of the things that I could put in here. Dammit, now I had to buy it. It was ugly as sin so it sat in my tiny spare room for about a month waiting for me to put forth the effort to transfer all of my bits over … and then I got on my “organize the shelf” kick and I suddenly found myself with new pretty paper and project energy, which is really all a crafter needs.

Step One, Paint

I pulled all of the little plastic drawers out and painted the frame. At first I had everything painted in a dark teal/blue but I wasn’t loving the way that was covering the gray plastic. It had streaks and looked really dull. But, as I was painting the shelf back (see next post), I decided to latex the sides of this with the same color green. It worked out perfectly.

There are two different size drawers so I made a template of the front of each size by tracing it with a pencil and then fitting it inside and snipping away until it seems right. using these templates and two different papers that I had bought for my magazine holder project I decided upon a checker board pattern. Super simple, just Mad Podge the plastic and stick the paper in pretty side down, facing the glue. When it’s done the shiny plastic on the outside actually gives the paper almost a tile look and it matches other little accent pieces that I have in other places. Looks like I spent more than $23 dollars on it, and now I have easy access to my smaller crafting supplies.

Much Better

Mystery Projects

The couch is finally gone, the tree is down, and there is SPACE in my apartment!

So as soon as I find time to bust out my sewing machine, mystery projects will be made out of these beauties.  All I will say is storage and organization of supplies, that is my only hint.  But just look how pretty! Old man wool felt and pretty pattern fabric.

Click on the image to see if I made something out of them yet.  If I did, it will link you over to the new project.


The Beast is Revealed…The squeamish should look away.

I have one New Year’s resolution, just one.  Finish this blanket before I die.

For those I you who have not read every post or don’t know me, you may not be know that I was not completely aware of how crochet worked when I picked up my first project ever.  Did I use a pattern?  No, no, that would have made too much sense for a newbie.  For some reason in my mind the initial row was going to shrink as I added stitches.  Let me give you a big clue – it does not.

My mother made all of us an afghan when we left home for college.  A beautiful tradition, and a blanket I treasure…and never use.  She made it using an octagon granny square pattern and my toes poke through.  So Nikki put her thinkin’ cap on and said “I can do this.  I’ll just make a blanket with no holes.  And while I’m at it, I’ll make a blanket for giant people so James and I will never have to fight over whose feet get covered while watching TV.  Brilliant!  They’ll throw me parades.  Martha Stewart will feature me on her show…why has no one every thought to crochet a giant blanket with no holes before?!”

Ah, I know why, Behold – the Beast.

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Now I call wasting time on the Internet, “Marketing my Blog.” It sounds better right?

Why oh why did I not think of this?! I have spent the better part of an hour cruising through whip up which is where I stumbled across these super functional beauties.  I love this site.  I submitted something to be posted on there…maybe I have a shot.   We shall see.  The lady who actually posted this idea has a site called julie-bird.

I have put aside my irrational dislike of net surfing and spent a whole day exploring the web and leaving a trail of comments.  And yes, I will only say this once…it pains me to do so…there is a lot of really cool stuff people are making and I have not totally hated spending my time doing this.  But it just seems such a waste of time.  Like I am slacking off.  This is what I did when I was avoiding work when I had a 9 to 5 job so I have a hard time accepting that some amount of time web surfing is needed to make your virtual presence felt by others.  Simply posting on your own blog is not enough.  I am making a commitment to myself to set aside at east one or two evenings a week to do this more regularly.

Now I just have to figure out a way not to die of jealousy because everyone out there in the world seems more clever than I am…I mean really! How did I not think of this!